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Best of 2015: Magenta Welcomes Glen Fox
Best of 2015: Magenta Welcomes Glen Fox
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Best of 2015: Magenta Welcomes Glen Fox

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Back in May Magenta Skateboards welcomed Jersey’s Glen Fox to the team with this breath-taking intro clip and it immediately split the skate world in half. Accusations of sped up footage and disparaging remarks about multiple ollie lines were countered by those in awe of the young man mesmerising approach. We have to say we fall into the latter camp.

The term “quick feet” is often bandied about; Now it only applies to Glen as nobody is coming close to the tiptoeing insanity of Mr Fox and his magical footwork. Seven ollie lines? Yes the internet haters pointed out “that’s sooooo Magenta” but it is also so rad – there is stuff in here as simple as can be yet so impossibly creative you won’t know what has hit you once it is done.

The two minutes of nimble toed goodness will definitely leave you wanting more, thankfully Magenta have proven to be quite possibly the most pro active team in skateboarding, releasing numerous clips in 2015; we didn’t have to wait too long to see what else the young Channel Islander had up his sleeve!

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