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Brand New Chewy Section!
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Brand New Chewy Section!

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Mach ten shredding, frontside boardslides, long uncontrived lines, crazy switch antics; There are certain things you know you're gonna get (and get done sooo well) in any section from Palace pro Chewy Cannon and this new three and a half minute edit from Krew, released exclusively on the Transworld site, does not disappoint.

On top of all the usual Chewy antics comes some unfathomable wallie action, a cracking Lucien Clarke cameo and a truly lovely fakie nosegrind into pretty much a wall! This is the kind of thing you want to watch before heading out into the city with your mates and just cruising all day, hitting up random spots and leaving nothing but a trail of fun times in your wake. Proper radness...

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