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Brand New Shaun Gregoire part!

Feb 2014 by Route One

Each week we scour the internet for the best of the previous seven day’s releases, hand picking what we believe to be a fair representation of the “best” (for want of a better term) of what’s available. And it seems like every week we end handing you a clip from the good folk over at Thrasher magazine.

Believe us, we try to mix it up! We look all over, search high and low, scouring the World Wide Web – it’s just that Thrasher always produces the goods!

Shaun Gregoire may not be a house hold name despite being part of Tony Hawk’s legendary Birdhouse programme but that is not due to any lack of talent from the young man. No, Shaun tears it up beautifully and creatively – if you don’t believe us then check out this clip from lensman Jackson Casey, it has kept us stoked for days. Enjoy.

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