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Check Out Christian Henry
Check Out Christian Henry
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Check Out Christian Henry

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  • By Route One
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Andrew Reynolds has, by our reckoning, a pretty even 5050 success/failure split when it comes to picking kids from obscurity and turning them into skate stars. For every Bryan Herman there's a Knox Godoy, every T-Funk there's and Evan Hernandez, and that's not to name the numerous kids on flow we really can't recall the names of! So whether Christian Henry turns into the next big thing or fades into obscurity by Easter is anybody's guess, what we can talk about though is this brand new 'Check out' from Transworld and how the kid is killing it right now!

With arm steeze kinda reminiscent of the one and only Cardiel and a trick selection that shows maturity, not fashion following, it looks as though the Coconut Creek local has his own thing going on and that's definitely a good thing. Though he's technically on Deathwish, we all know 'Baker 4' isn't much more than 12 months away so we're hoping the lad manages to bring his A game to the table and rep that Florida pride in a proper full length. Then we'll know whether we're categorizing him with Dollin, Theotis and Figgy, or if he's cast into nothingness with Ryan Ewing. Who's Ryan Ewing? Exactly.

Check him out now.

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