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Chris Joslin: The Route One Interview

Jul 2016 by Route One

Etnies and Plan B wunderkind Chris Joslin needs little introduction. Right from the moment that bigspin over the Macba bin gap briefly surfaced on Instagram we’ve all known the young man from Cerritos, CA was more than just a little bit special.

A welcome to Etnies clip blew minds and his opening section in the long awaited Plan B production True, which followed shortly after, only served to further cement his reputation as quite possibly the gnarliest gap skater in the world today. The numerous street webclips and Berrics sections were the veritable icing on the cake and a few weeks ago we (well, those of us lucky enough to get to either the Bristol or Manchester Etnies demos) saw first hand just how ridiculous the man Ryan Lay proclaims “the best goddamn skater in the world” really is.

So, with this pedigree in mind we’re thrilled that Chris is the latest subject in a long line of exclusive interviews we here at Route One have brought to you. Click play, enjoy and stay turned as his Etnies and Plan B team mate Trevor McClung gets the exact same treatment in two weeks’ time!

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