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Cold Call: Jordan Thackery

Feb 2024 by Route One

Our boy Jordan gets some Thrasher love in the form of this 'Cold Call' edit and we have to say, seeing our lad shining on the world stage really makes us feel like proud parents.

Stateside to pick up a new banjo (we guess it's cheaper to nip over and pick it up yourself than be subject to the extortionate import fees one would be facing with traditional imports), J-Thaxx shows the good ol' boys how Essex handles business, both on his snazzy new six string and in the bowls and pools of LA.

Whether it's coping dancing indoors or sessioning Bryan Cranston's childhood swimming pool with Rune Glifberg (bucket list territory or what!?!) Jordan reps his homeland and dispenses more than a little sage wisdom along the way. Truth be told, we're getting a little bit emotional seeing the wise man our lad has become.

Is somebody chopping onions in here? Maybe it's allergies. Can you get hay fever in February?

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