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Cory Goes Bellingham
Cory Goes Bellingham
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Cory Goes Bellingham

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Cory Kennedy is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting young skaters on the planet right now. Skating with the sense of fun, board control and creativity of someone 20+ years deep in the game but with the advantage of still being young enough to skate the biggest stuff all day without the fear taking over.

Think the best of Daewon or Koston; the ability to do pretty much whatever trick he wants, but that youthful exuberance that means the Girl Skateboards and Nike SB lad is knocking out video parts left, right and centre!

This latest section through the Thrasher website is really something else; filmed in just two weeks in Belingham , WA (that’s just south of the Canadian border for the geography geeks out there) it is the perfect mix of messing about “homey footage” and straight up gnar – how many clips do you see people skating through a mate’s living room one second, doing backside liens in a 10ft deep bowl the next and then taking a b/s 5050 through a triple king just for fun a minute later? We’ll tell you how many – just this one!

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