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Create and Destroy: Chad Muska

Jun 2022 by Route One

Skateboarding and creative expression have always gone hand in hand. From the paintings of Blender and Gonz to the music of Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee, the desire to express oneself stretches far beyond the physical act of skateboarding. As followers of the skateboarding doctrine we figure out pretty early on that there is no limit to the ways in which we can express ourselves and this latest episode of Thrasher's 'Create and Destroy' offers a glimpse into Chad Muska's current endeavours to manifest his soul into tangible artefacts.

Never one to shy away from making his mark, who can forget the epoch making Skytop shoe of his design or even those pesky MuskaBeatz after all, Chad Muska has been an icon of skateboard creation for decades. And now, with status as an elder statesman of the industry confirmed, Ohio native Chad is focusing on concrete sculpture to get his artistic kicks.

Acting as a back story to his interests, Chad explains how his travels in skateboarding opened his eyes to a cultural education that inspires his creativity to this day. If skate art, or just the story of a true 90's GOAT, is of interest to you then we suggest you click that play button below!

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