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Dan Lutheran 'Push 2' Part
Dan Lutheran 'Push 2' Part
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Dan Lutheran 'Push 2' Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • daniel lutheran push 2 skate the berrics

Who doesn't love a bit of Dan Lu? If your internal monologue just shouted out "me!" you best have a word with yourself coz you're wrong! 

Though it may have taken wayyyyyy longer to come to fruition than we would have hoped, Toy Machine pro Daniel's 'Push 2' part from the Berrics has finally seen the light of day and it's everything we'd hoped for and more. Containing all the tricks the series had teased up with glimpses of, plus a multitude of unseen shreddery from the smiliest man in skateboarding, this is skateboarding Dan Lu style.

As fans of the Vans man will attest, the Albuquerque, New Mexico native has never been afraid to step it up and get gnarly. What's great about this part though is it also allows him the opportunity to showcase his more creative side too, mixing in those local ditches with classic Barca hotspots to produce one hell of a feel good part. 

As we said at the start, if you don't like Dan Lu you're wrong. That said, after sitting through this, we can't imagine there'll be anybody left out there who wouldn't call themself a fan!

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