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DC Shoes: Defunkt
DC Shoes: Defunkt
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DC Shoes: Defunkt

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

For a couple of hours last week this video appeared online, blew the socks off of everyone fortunate enough to catch it, then disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. Turns out whoever uploaded it onto the DC account had forgotten to put the video to private!

Thankfully, less than 24 hours later, the video introducing the amazingly named Tristan Funkhouser and Bobby Dekeyser was officially released for the rest of the sleeping world to catch up with – and what a treat that is!

First up is young Tristan; the 17 year old Baker am is an absolute machine! Never has a kid on a board skated this fast before – it’s like Ayrton Senna got reincarnated as a skateboarder and is making up for lost time! As if that wasn’t enough, this 10 minute clip also introduces Bobby Dekeyser and the skateboarding this lad produces is of facemelting quality. You know how a special breed of folk can pretty much do every trick imaginable? Habitat rider Bobby is one of those guys. There is no point us waxing lyrical about him as we simply cannot do his skating justice. Just watch…

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