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  • By Route One

All that can be has already been written in tribute of the late, great Dylan Rieder. Though we watched him blossom from afar we cannot come close to the heartfelt words of those who knew him best so we won't sully the sentiment articulated by his loved ones, instead we'll just share with you the link for this excellent clip that appeared online earlier this week.

HUF filmer Martin Reigel has produced this truly epic tribute to the latter years of Dylan's skate life and it contains some of the most breathtaking skateboarding the young man from Westminster, CA committed to film. Even your humble author, an advocate of the more technical approach, could only sit in silent awe as the beautiful brilliance displayed in the simplicity of Dylan's trick selection flowed across the screen.

Few people will have the impact on their chosen path that Dylan Rieder achieved, even fewer will become the personified zenith of a generation's zeitgeist but Dylan managed it all. Even if you were to take away the confidence in individualism, or the temerity of spirit, his skateboarding would still stand head and shoulders above that of his peers. For one last time just enjoy that for what it is.

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