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Eastern Promise: Zered Bassett
Eastern Promise: Zered Bassett
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Eastern Promise: Zered Bassett

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

No, Zered hasn't got his hands on the secret formula for Fry's Turkish Delight (you might have to google it if that reference goes over your head!), the Eastern promise referred to in the title of this Brand new Berrics released part is that of the USA's Eastern Seaboard. 

Featuring spots all the way from his native Massachusetts, through the Big Apple and down to the rugged skyline of New Jersey, Converse Cons rider Zered takes his amazing brand of ambidextrous shredding all across the East Coast and drops so many truly insane hammers at so many legendary spots it's far too mammoth of a task to try and list them here.

Needless to say, you'll struggle to work out his stance if you don't go into this knowing the score (he's regular by the way, such is his ability to truly skate obstacles facing in either direction. This is not 'token switch flat ground flip here, token switch crooks there' skateboarding; this is switch backside boneless and switch bluntslides on street transition, this is switch flips over legit disabled ramp bump to bars, this is switch tre's into banks bigger than double decker buses - this is Zered Bassett...

Eastern Promise: Zered Bassett

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