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Eli Reed 'Equanimous'

Feb 2019 by Route One

We reckon Eli Reed has definitely been binge watching Jim Greco's various solo project's on repeat, if this brand new piece on Thrasher is anything to go by. Not that that's a bad thing, far from it actually; sometimes the cookie cutter approach to skate film making gets a tad stale and there's nothing wrong with a little plagiarism if it means putting something out that people are gonna be stoked with.

Arty, slowmo, somewhat pretentious and 100% killing it,  Equanimous the video part is a picture perfect representation of the dictionary definition of the word. Showcasing some truly mesmerising switch skateboarding (and we mean actual riding and maneuvering, not just a token flip here or there), this really is an equally great piece of skate trick showcasing and cinematography.

As we said, it's definitely not original but nor is it trite; if you want something a little more thought out than your average throwaway webclip you could do a lot worse than watching this. We'll defo have it on play again before the week is through and that's a pretty rare occurrence (and therefore quite the compliment) in this 'watch it once' digital age!

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