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Elliot Sloan: The Route One Interview
Elliot Sloan: The Route One Interview
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Elliot Sloan: The Route One Interview

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Mega ramp machine and vertical savant Elliot Sloan straddles a peculiar position in skateboarding; on one hand his X Games gold medals and corporate sponsorship make him a household name to millions (from which he's found himself remunerated most handsomely) but on the other, to the core kids caring about rolled up cuffs and VX filmed no complies, knowledge of his existence is limited at best - so we're determined to change that!

In association with Triple 8 pads (an absolute must when you're skating gaps the size of houses like our Elliot) we sat down with the NYC born ripper, determined to find out more about his first forays into skateboarding, what it means to win a gold medal and, most of all, chat sycophantically about his truly mind-blowing Thrasher part last year!

Elliot doesn't disappoint and, as you'll see within, he not only answers everything we wanted to know (including what it means to ride for his childhood hero's board brand) but talks with such passion it's hard not to get stoked on everything he does, even if we'll never relate to dropping in on the mega (trust us, from the top that thing looks scarier than a baying pack of wolves!).

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