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Eniz Fazliov ‘Where We Come From’ Part

Jun 2016 by Route One

‘Ladz being Ladz’ intro aside, this near eight minute section from 2012 Euro skater of the year and Finnish Volcom representative Eniz Fazliov is quite possibly the gnarliest thing you’ll see all month – he properly goes in on this one!

As with every big release these days Thrasher have hosting duties and, in this instance, we think it’s only fair; the Emerica rider has worked has hard as anyone to put out a truly mind blowing hammerfest of epic proportions so it’s only right it gets shared on the biggest stage.

To draw attention to the gnar factor if this section does perhaps do it a disservice, so much in the fact that ‘balls to the wall’ skateboarders usually take their tricks down the biggest obstacles to make up for their lack of creativity. Not Eniz, he can do it all and he can do it big – this part is gonna be on repeat for a very long time to come!

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