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Euro Blitz: Girl And Chocolate 2000
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Euro Blitz: Girl And Chocolate 2000

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  • By Route One
  • chocolate crailtap girl skateboards video

It's no secret the way we imbibe our skate media has changed significantly over the past two decades. Though VHS and DVD ruled the roost in the first few years of the millennium, web features like Realplayer and subsequent hosting sites like YouTube and Instagram directly affected not only how content was consumed but also the format in which it was made.

In the early days of internet video Crailtap ruled supreme. Their constant output put everyone else to shame and paved the way for media consumption as we know it today. Truth be told, that should come as no surprise; their in-house video production team was the envy of the wider industry and they'd perfected the art of video promotion many years before daily video drops became the industry standard

Travel back in time to the year 2000, when internet video was little more than a pixilated pipe dream, Girl/Chocolate were the kings of the industry. Regularly travelling the globe to promote their wares, the age of the team demo, the height of Koston & McCrank and the highly regarded Euro Comp circuit meant 'Tour Video' output was a no-brainer. 22 years later the very best of that era meets the audio visual zenith of now and gives you this; Girl and Chocolate's 'Euro Blitz' - four minutes of year 2000 summer expedition footage, released in optimum streaming quality for the first time, which is better than the stuff most brands are putting out today!

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