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Firing Line: Brandon Westgate
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Firing Line: Brandon Westgate

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Thrasher magazine totally kills it when it comes to online content these days, there is no denying it. We were seconds away from posting the link to the video announcing the teams for this years ‘King of The Road’ (the OG and best team touring challenge format) when we remembered two things (the teams are enjoi, Birdhouse, Chocolate and Real, by the way); firstly it wouldn’t really be fair of us to subject you to Jake Phelps attempting humour and secondly, Thrasher released Brandon Westgate’s ‘Firing Line’ the same day and that surely must take precedence! If you could skate like a video game character at speeds that would make Buzentiz blush, you would be this guy. Simply amazing.

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