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FourStar Spring '15 Mini Ramp Session

Mar 2015 by Route One

Whilst shooting the spring '15 collection for their latest catalogue, FourStar clothing had it's team (That's Rick and Mike of course, plus former SOTY Ishod Wair, Guy Mariano, Cory Kennedy, 3D's Brian Anderson, Cliche's Lucas Puig and (M)other ambassador Tyler Bledsoe) session a perfect four foot mini and captured the very best of it for our viewing pleasure.

With the emphasis being the photoshoot and fun this was never going to be about 'Cheese and Crackers' level tech, more just the rad vibe a group of mates can have when playing about on a mini in the sunshine. It just happens that these mate are some of the best skaters in the world!

Any video that contains Mike Carroll's World's Best Back Smiths TM as well as Lucas looking like the most stylish man on the planet is always going to get our approval. With Cory Kennedys shear happy brilliance thrown in it's 100% winner!

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