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Grilling Johnny Jones
Grilling Johnny Jones
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Grilling Johnny Jones

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

More from the house of Chocolate, this time in the form of Jenkem's chat with one of the stand out stars of the recent Vice/Thrasher 'King of The Road' series, Mr Johnny Jones.

Hailing from the infamous South Central LA, 19 year old Lakai rep Johnny freely discusses the gang culture surrounding his adolescence, his laissez faire attitude towards regular shooting incidents and the whole Clint Walker situation without holding back. You have to respect a young man who harbours such positivity (well, when not talking about Clint that is) despite the trials and tribulations his turbulent upbringing gave him.

With a seemingly golden career ahead of this perky upstart we highly recommend you digest these words of Johnny because within a few years he's sure to be your favourite skater and you might as well get a head start right now!

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Johnny Jones

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