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Harry Lintell Piff Sticks Edit
Harry Lintell Piff Sticks Edit
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Harry Lintell Piff Sticks Edit

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Earlier this year the announcement was made that Essex’s most talented skateboarding son had landed himself a very much deserved place on the official Real Skateboards programme. This was no UK Distributor deal or bro flow – no, this was the real (no pun intended) deal.

To reinforce just what an absolute ruler Harry is, Piff Sticks main man Morph has just releases this fabulously ghetto edit of some truly mindblowing skateboarding  - we’re talking incredibly hard lines, creative bank quirkiness, Southbank iPhone hammers and much, much more.

In a world of trouser legs rolled half way up the calf, scumstaches and countless other ‘in vogue for five minutes’ fashions that are going to leave the perpetrators cringing over their 2014 coverage in a year or two’s time - Harry proves that gimmicks and towing the current image crisis line are no substitution when it comes to good old fashioned talent. When you can back smith flip out in the middle of five trick lines you don’t need to look like you’ve just stepped out of the latest skateboard fashion buyers guide lookbook! Click play and get stoked…

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