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Hot Wheels and Top Trucks

Jun 2014 by Route One

Choosing the correct hardware isn't always easy, especially when there is so much to choose from and its not always clear what the differences are between them all. Here is our selection of some great new wheels and the best trucks we have to offer.

The hottest wheels around

Spitfire Riley Hawk Pro Wheel

Spitfire are the most popular wheels out there and there is a good reason for it, they are really good wheels for skating! The recently turned pro, son of the Birdman, Riley Hawk has been killing in the streets and he swears by he's new pro wheel from Spitfire.


Bones Fellers Sprinkles V3 STF Pro Wheel 

Bones wheels are bullet proof! Well...maybe not literally but they skate like they are. These have the Street Tech Formula™ (STF) specifically engineered from top quality components to obtain all the best properties necessary for the ultimate in street wheel performance.  Sierra Feelers' pro wheel has substantially higher rebound for more speed and amazing slide capabilities while maintaining a resistance to flat spotting and looks good with the tasty doughnut design.  


Autobahn x Swanski Appleyard Pro Wheel

Autobahn make brilliant skate wheel and Mark Appleyard will vouch for that. Mark's latest pro wheel has been produced in collaboration with international artist Pawel "Swanski" Kozlowski for a limited run of wheels featuring his artwork.


Welcome Orbs Team Wheel

Welcome makes great products with original designs whether is be their apparel, decks or wheels. The Orbs wheels are no exception with this design making them 15% lighter than similar wheels and they guarantee no flatspots... Win Win.


Top-End Trucks

Theeve TiKing V3 trucks 

Theeve trucks make Titanium trucks as standard and the  TiKing V3 Trucks feature the world's first hollow titanium kingpin. Forged from 6/4 aerospace grade titanium, they are 55% lighter than a regular steel kingpin and super strong. These really are next level trucks using the most advance technologies and materials.


Venture P-Rod Champion ll V-Hollow High Pro Trucks

Venture have been the name of quality skate trucks for years and they have a stacked pro team to show for it. Using every means possible to lighten their trucks without losing durability and performance, the new P-Rod pro model has a hollowed out axle as well as a hollow kingpin with a new reinforced forged baseplate, using material only where necessary.


Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium 139 Standard trucks

Independent have been making trucks since 1978 so they a fair few things about making the best trucks on the market. These Stage 11 Forged Titanium 139 Trucks make use of an Aluminium hanger and baseplate combined with a solid Titanium axle for lightweight strength and a hollow kingpin. Making it 15% lighter than the regular Stage 11 Trucks.


Thunder Space Dust 3 Hollow Lights 147 High Team Trucks

Thunder bring the super lightweight truck game with the Hollow Lights series. These trucks have a super strong and lightweight hollow axles as well as aircraft grade hollow kingpins and a forged baseplate.


Royal x Diamond Supply Co. Carroll Low Pro Trucks

Royal Trucks have teamed up with the one and only Diamond Supply company with the help of Mike Carroll. They have taken the classic Royal truck and given it a Diamond takeover with the brilliant Diamond Blue logo on a glossy black paint job.


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