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JENKEM - NYC vs. Spitfire Formula Fours
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JENKEM - NYC vs. Spitfire Formula Fours

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Usually when we mention Jenkem on here it is to link up another one of their fantastic interviews. Not this time! The search for a truly un-flatspot-able is kind of like the holy grail for our industry’s Urethane manufacturers and Spitfire seem to think they have got pretty close with their latest offering; the Formula fours.

This is where Jenkem comes in; they asked for a few sets, enlisted Piro Sierra and Ej Cuilan to try their hardest to mess ‘em up on the streets of New York and filmed the session. This is a seriously fun vid; street cruising, multitudes of powerslides and skids – if you fancy a day’s skating but aren’t feeling all jumpy or gnarly you could do a lot worse than emulate these guys. Just don’t hold us accountable if you end up with square wheels! (We also DO NOT advocate the idea of skitching in any way, let alone lorries – you will probably get squashed).

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