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Jenkem ‘Ten Best Fastplants’
Jenkem ‘Ten Best Fastplants’
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Jenkem ‘Ten Best Fastplants’

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

In these clickbait Buzzfeed times we live in it is easy to dismiss ‘Top Ten’ articles as lazy journalism. Although in many cases this is completely true, there are always exceptions to the rule and this ode to the humble fastplant by Jenkem is just that.

The problem is not with the premise of ‘Top Tens’, it is often the content that is lacking. Not so here. Jenkem talk you through what they believe to be the ten most iconic instances a fastplant has ben committed to film and do it with enough passion to make you go out and learn them!

Oh, you think they’re a dork trick do you? This is what Jenkem has to say on the matter:

“Yes fastplants can look dumb as hell, but that’s only when they’re done wrong. A good fastplant is gangly and awkward in all the right ways. It’s putting your foot down fast and propelling yourself forward faster. Simply put, fastplants are one of the most stunning tricks to see, well, when done properly anyway.”

Click Greco getting rad...


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