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  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

So, ‘Joyride’ – the latest release from Bill Strobeck (he of Dill ‘Photosynthesis’ fame) featuring all those FA kids and cameos from a number of top draw names, thrown into the mix to keep things interesting - has finally dropped.

From the moment the first bars of Del Shannon’s ‘Little town flirt’ kick in, you know this unofficial Supreme vid is gonna skirt controversy and polarise opinion like few other skateboarding projects ever could. Whatever you think of the FA kids, it’s clear that the likes of Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser, Na-kel Smith, Tshawn Jones, Ben Kadow and the rest of the high-fashion conscious innercity children are here to stay and will knocking out moves of varying degrees of style for years to come.

Some of the skating is questionable but some of it is definitely top notch. This is one of those vids that you’ll either love or find yourself thinking “meh” – either way, you simply have to watch it otherwise you’ll have no idea what everybody is talking about next time you’re down your local park!

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