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Lucas And The Helas Crew
Lucas And The Helas Crew
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Lucas And The Helas Crew

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

French cap apparel brand Helas has a team of Euro riders that most brands could only dream of, including one of the most talented people to ever step foot on a board Mr Lucas Puig.

Their latest clip went online this week and although it may not feature the likes of Jesus Fernandez, JB Gillet, Chewy Cannon etc it does have Lucas nonchalantly destroying his local DIY spot with tricks that would make Suciu stop and scratch his head. AND the most baffling part is it’s all just random throwaway to him!

Tricks that could end video parts singularly are done switch, in lines, in trackie bottoms; Lucas is that far ahead of the game.

Captains Attack - Dalavas from Hélas. on Vimeo.

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