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Manolo Robles – My Name is Momo
Manolo Robles – My Name is Momo
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Manolo Robles – My Name is Momo

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Spanish Jaws? It just doesn’t seem right does it!?! Don’t worry; you’ll get what we mean when you click play on this clip. We’ll tell you what else doesn’t seem right – Manolo Robles’ ability to get this technical on a Penny board…

We’re big fans of OG Spanish ripper Manolo and you may well remember that we have shared a number of his facemeltingly tech clips in the past, his Welcome to Darkstar clip was particularly insane. This clip raises the bar of insanity tenfold however; when was the last time you saw a manual quad flip out on a board pretty much the size of your foot???

The level of skating in this only gets more jaw dropping as section goes on and there simply aren’t enough ways for us to express just how bonkers this is! You really have to see for yourself…

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