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Micky Papa 'Side Hustle'

Feb 2024 by Route One

If we're to trust the Gary Vee definition of the term, we're not sure we can get behind Micky Papa referring to his latest part as a "side hustle."

See, first and foremost Micky is a professional skateboarder and to be paid to skateboard, one has to be rather proficient. This video is off the charts when it comes to technical ability! Seriously, Micky Papa is so good at skateboarding there ain't no way in hell he's making his money working a 9-5 somewhere; this is definitely his bread and butter!

Pedantry aside, if you like Canadian super-tech (tm), let us offer up Blind's Vancouver based skate wizard as the answer to your prayers. For fans of the old flip-in-flip-out, nobody is stepping to the level of the Canuck Olympic hopeful. Trust us, you don't get many ender's like Micky's to the dollar, regardless of whether you're exchanging to American or Canadian!

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