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NEXT by Quentin Guthrie

Dec 2017 by Route One

London has always been the UK hub for Brits hailing from all the corners of our lands as well as for foreign skateboarders who are stupid enough to set foot on our miserably soggy Isle. Ever wondered what happens when you bring all these new residents of London, mix them in with a few locals and then add one of the best VX swingers we’ve ever seen into the mix. Well look no further!

Quentin Guthrie’s latest instalment NEXT Premiered last Saturday at the Free Skate Mag x Slam Christmas party in our capital, and we were lucky enough to head down and get involved in the drunken hype fest! For those of you a little less unfortunate fear not, because it has now been made available online for your viewing pleasure.

If full Parts from Arthur Derrien and Dom Henry weren’t enough, also expect to see the likes of Kyron Davis, Dan West, Mark Rowe, Shaun Witherup, Conor Charleson, Will Creswick, Pani Paul, Tristan Rudman, Froby, Mikey Patrick, Manny Lopez, Charlie Munro, James Ahern, Corey Young, Rowan White, Justin Biddle, Caradog Emanuel, Jason Caines, Will Harmon, Guy Jones, Jim Silver, Digby Luxton, Max Couling, Casey Foley, Tom Snape, Erildo Boccacci and JP Villa.

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