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Nike SB's 'Loud Pack' Video
Nike SB's 'Loud Pack' Video
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Nike SB's 'Loud Pack' Video

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Most of the online chatter, regarding this brand new release from the Nike SB footwear programme, has been dedicated to who is more deserving of immediate GOAT status, Ishod or Grant (if you don't know what GOAT means maybe it's time you took yourself back to school, or at least quickly check it out on Urban Dictionary!).

Both riding for Deluxe brands (Ishod over at Real and Grant with Anti Hero) and both equally at home on wide ranging terrain, this video in particular showcases the immense levels at which they can take their skateboarding to in the most perfect of confines. The superb concrete parks of Montana and Idaho provide the backdrop, Ishod and Grant bring the hammers.

That's not to say this entire clip is all about them, oh no; CK is back with a vengeance, bringing his fun time brand of total skateboarding domination along for the ride, and Koston pops up with the most perfect of tranny nose blunts. It's just Messrs Wair and Taylor are on such fine form that everything else becomes secondary. So who's most deserving of 'greatest of all time'? There isn't a hair's breadth between either of them right now, in the interests of diplomacy we say let 'em both have it!

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