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Nike The Pool Grand Opening
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Nike The Pool Grand Opening

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

A few months ago Nike teased us with whisperings of a top secret project they were working on called "The Pool".

Following on from weeks of speculation and fantastic 70s inspired teaser videos the full details of "The Pool" were finally unveiled late last week.
Nike has converted Dagenham’s old 1970s public swimming pool into a unique world class BMX facility.Designed by one of the world’s best skatepark designers, Dave Sowerby, "The Pool" kicked off in style on Saturday 14th May with a global competition for the world’s best riders.

Route One were of course in attendance and were totally blown away by the event and park itself. Imagine your dream of digging out an indoor swimming pool and constructing a first class bike park within the empty shell - well this is exactly what Nike have gone ahead and done!

We joined a selection of guests (including R1 competition winners Shaun & Melissa from Rugely, Staffs) for a day of food, drink and incredible BMXing.

Final results from the Pool:


1st - Dennis Enarson, Jeremiah Smith, Chad Kerley, Josh Harrington
2nd - Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Rob Wise, Michael Beran
3rd - Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Alex Coleborn, Ben Wallace

Best Line:
Ruben Alcantara, Kevin Kalkoff, Sergio Layos, and Tom Dugan

Best Rider:
Dennis Enarson

Best Trick:
Brian Foster

Very special thanks to Stephanie and all at Nike for their hospitality.

To check out our full range of Nike 6.0 please click here:

To visit our BMX department please click here:

The Pool is now open to the public for the next few weeks and they’ve even got bikes for you to borrow and a beginners’ pool.

Come and watch or ride for free at The Pool,Dagenham Swimming Pool, Althorne Way, Dagenham, RM10 7AY

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