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Nyle Lovett Mirror

Feb 2020 by Route One

If there's one thing Free Magazine can be relied upon it's exposing previously unknown rippers to a world wide audience. Of course they're not ones to completely shy away from the corporate side of the industry but, given their predisposition to err on the ever so slightly more pretentious side of skateboarding, they are the perfect showcase for the underground artisans that aren't gonna get any shine on Thrasher or the Berrics.

Take Indiana based filmmaker Aaron Christopher and his collective of associates featured in his brand new full length 'Mirror,' most specifically Nyle Lovett. Have you heard of any of them before this week? 10 internet points if you have, coz this is a group that's virtually sailed under the radar from the watchful gaze of the industry in California yet this has definitely got to be on of the best productions of 2020 so far!

The aforementioned Nyle Lovett is the reason we're carrying on the love as this part is simply magnificent! Now, to be fair, Nyle isn't a complete unknown; he had a Shreddit Cards back on the Ride Channel (remember those!?!) and has enjoyed the occasional appearance on Transworld - it's safe to say his star is definitely in the ascendancy after this though, nine minutes of amazing skateboarding seen by the world tends to have that effect!

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