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Palace / Polar Jam

Aug 2013 by Route One

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying Palace are the biggest thing in skateboarding circles right now. Last year they teamed up with Pontus Alv’s amazing Polar brand for a tour that made many home grown fans exceedingly jealous that it wasn’t on these fair shores, leaving only web clips to satisfy the thirst for Chewy’s speed or Karim’s pop.  Well, because of this Palace and Polar have got together once more and this Saturday are hosting what is certain to be THE demo of the summer at Hyde Park in Leeds. I mean, check that line up – it’s insane! If you can get yourself up north do so for 5pm on Saturday as this is not one to be missed, you have been warned!

Watch out for the Route One edit of the jam coming next week!

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