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Perus Crew: Simo Mäkelä new section
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Perus Crew: Simo Mäkelä new section

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

We don’t know what it is with Finnish skater Simo and his seeming predisposition to only appear in edits with titles that are distinctly family unfriendly!

Only a number of weeks ago we reported on his section in ‘Rabies’ from the SLP crew (no, we’re not going to divulge what that stands for) and now comes this amazing part from Perus Wheels. Again, we’ll leave it up to you to find out the name of the vid!

Despite this awkwardness caused we’ll forgive him as this latest section is as much a delight as his previous efforts, the ender in particular is as sweet a switch heel as you are ever likely to witness. Just don’t blame us if one of your parents kicks off when they read what you’ve been watching!

Perus Crew - Simo Mäkelä in Get The Fuckin Beers In Dickhead Read a Skateboarding video by kingpin


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