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Quartersnacks: Cyrus Bennett Remix
Quartersnacks: Cyrus Bennett Remix
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Quartersnacks: Cyrus Bennett Remix

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

There has been a trend in skateboarding over recent years for New York streets (or any city’s downtown district for that matter) to be wallied and no-complied into submission, all in the name of supposed “creative skateboarding”. Like all trends in this beloved pass time of hours there has been the cream of the movement, pushing the boundaries and making stuff look rad as hell, whilst the rest of the pretenders (let’s be polite here!) rehash the same old rubbish in a totally generic way.

Polar’s Cyrus Bennett is that very cream we speak so highly of; his approach to the ‘rolled up beanie’ slappy movement is one with a genuinely creative eye, more than a little gnarliness and a big ol’ grin whilst he takes his own unique approach to those well trodden NYC streets.

This Quartersnacks remix, taking footage from recent parts (Paych, Horny and She’s Garbage) and setting it to some Italian Post Disco showcases that very fact. If you’re sitting there with your high waters & long-sleeve tee on this is the guy you need to be watching to get your pre session hype!

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