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R1 At Relentless Nass 2012
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R1 At Relentless Nass 2012

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

So usually this time of year we publish our annual review of the NASS festival where we treat you to dozens of sunkissed photos of happy people soaking up the vibes and plenty of action from the outdoor street and dirt comps.

This year it's gonna go down slightly differently which is solely due to one thing - rain, rain and more rain!

Arriving on site Friday morning I was greeted by the depressing sight of hundreds on miserable looking festival goers queing to gain access to the festival.

Normally the entrance queue to Nass is a line of happy, excited faces but imagine standing in a muddy field clutching your entire weekends belongings (tents, duvets, sleeping bags, booze, clothes) while becoming more and more drenched with every second then you probably get the idea!

What can we say about the weather so far this summer that hasn't already been said a hundred times over? We all know how miserable it's been lately but it felt especially unlucky that the heavens opened in full-force over Shepton Mallett last weekend resulting in the closure of all the outdoor courses for a main part of the weekend.

When things actually kicked off the Street Spots and Indoor Park saw some intense skating (pent-up frustration maybe?) and a great showing for the Brits including our very own Josh"Manhead"Young taking third spot in the finals.

Meanwhile over in the retail hall our ever-evolving ROUTE ONE stand became even larger with the R1 Mini Ramp comp and our traditional hourly giveaways.

Congratulations to the following R1 Mini Ramp Comp winners:

Under 16s

1. Harvey Clements

2. Olly Frost

3. Vini Bell


1. Jonny Hanson

2. Taylor Jones

3. Gareth Thomas

Despite the initial doom and gloom of the weather NASS 2012 proved to be another great weekend of action sports and music, even if you did have to throw away your sneakers when you got home!

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