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R1 x T13 Academy Update
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R1 x T13 Academy Update

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Back in April we announced a partnership with the T13 Urban Sports Academy in Ireland, which encourages kids to get off the streets and get in to skateboarding.

T13 provides workshops in a range of different skills allowing kids to be introduced to urban culture and learn at a safe pace under the watchful eyes of experienced instructors.

We provided them with a bunch of R1 x T13 decks for their skate workshops, which are run by none other than R1 Team rider Conhuir Lynn. These exclusive decks were designed and made especially for the programme.

We recently  caught up with the guys at the academy to see how their custom made R1 boards were working out for them.

Gary Flyn, who runs the programme, told us the T13 crew were all stoked to be using these new set-ups to work with first time skaters and, by the looks of the photos that they sent us, it looks like the kids are getting off to a great start!

Become a fan of the T13 Facebook page for regular updates on how the project’s going.

Queens Road,
Titanic Quarter,
United Kingdom


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