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Red Bull With Those Updates You Actually Want!
Red Bull With Those Updates You Actually Want!
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Red Bull With Those Updates You Actually Want!

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  • By Route One
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Everybody knows Red Bull has that serious money. Regardless of the economic downturn faced by the rest of the skate industry the energy drinks market continues to be where the big bucks roll and none of those bucks get bigger than Red Bull. Seemingly content to throw money at just about everything, for every clip of theirs that is amazing there are two hundred "extreme sports" videos that you wouldn't subject even your worst enemy to, including that kid on the scooter that crashed into you at the park last week!

However, Red Bull have cottoned on to the fact that legit footage really is worth the money they're prepared to pay to license it and are now releasing the full length videos you're desperate to see, completely for free on their website!

The latest piece to hit the airwaves is the talk of last Spring, Etnies' amazing (and long awaited) follow up the the legendary High 5, the amazing Album! Featuring everyone from Barney Page to Chris Joslin, this was the stand out video of 2018 but, unless you were fortunate enough to be able to afford to download a copy, there's no chance you'll have seen it due to the Etnies legal team being fully on the ball when it came to Youtube rips. Thankfully it's now available in its entirety and you can watch the whole amazing thing simply by clicking this link right here!

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