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Rodrigo TX: The Route One Interview
Rodrigo TX: The Route One Interview
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Rodrigo TX: The Route One Interview

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Rounding off our series of exclusive ‘1947’ themed LRG interviews is none other than Brazilian street skating legend Rodrigo Teixeira.

Born & raised in Sao Paulo 32 years ago, Rodrigo TX burst onto the international scene back in the late 90’s, in the then fiercely contested Prague Mystic Cup, before gaining places in the illustrious eS and ‘The Firm’ skate teams.

In this exclusive interview he discusses these early days, his time with Flip and subsequent move to DGK, hanging with lance, staying productive and all things LRG.

If you’re a Rodrigo TX fan this is simply must see viewing!

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