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Rough Cut: Flo Mirtain's 'Tricolour' Part

Sep 2017 by Route One

When Dwindle pulled the plug on Cliché last year rumours were abound at where the prestigious stars of the company would eventually end up. Over the past ten months we've seen Lucas announced as Palace's latest pro, Brophy finding a suitable home at Girl and the gifted feet of Flo Mirtain settling in at Habitat. It's just as well too as a retirement from sponsored skateboarding would have meant we'd have never got to see his New Balance 'Tricolour' part and it's fair to say all our lives would've been much poorer for it!

As is tradition for a big release in this day and age, once the dust on a full length has settled, the boys at Thrasher come in to sift through the cutting room floor gems and produce a rough cut edit. Designed not only to titillate the senses but also continue the hype built by the main feature proper, these clips somehow manage to make the skateboarding within seem even more gnarly and raw than the first time around.

Clocking in at over twenty minutes, this isn't necessarily perfect pre-session fodder but it does instil in all those who watch it an appreciation for the dedication required to produce such mind blowing footage. Slams, nearly makes and enough close calls to drive even the most sane man to the brink of madness; this is what it takes to make it these days. Eye opening stuff indeed!

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