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SF Plummet
SF Plummet
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SF Plummet

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • plummet san francisco sf Skate

Not that we'd necessarily recommend you trying to recreate any of the stunts seen in this clip, there's no denying there is something intrinsically primal and magical about the feelings experienced whilst holding on for dear life as gravity takes hold and you bomb down a hill.

This brand new two part clip, likely influenced by the resurgence in SF style skateboarding popularity as popularised by the GX100 crew, shows the raw beauty and emotion experienced by grabbing life by the proverbials and just letting the wheels take control.

At this point in our bloggings we usually tell you who to expect in each clip, often figuring certain marquee names are more likely to appeal to you and make you click that play button. However in this case, with a cast of unknowns, that serves little purpose. What we can say instead is that, hands down/swear to God etc. this is by far and away the gnarliest clip you'll see all week. If that doesn't work in teasing your appetite then we can't think what will!

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