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Shane O’Neill Goes
Shane O’Neill Goes
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Shane O’Neill Goes

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Shane O’Neill goes? He sure does! When a part starts with a backside nollie heel down one of the most infamous of big gaps in skateboarding there’s no mistake about it; business is about to get handled.

Hosted over on the Thrasher site (where else?), this is four and a half minutes of the most dazzling skateboard action ever committed to tape. The joke about joining the ‘Nine club’ at the start, however lame, is pretty much on point – this section really does propel  Skate Mental’s Shane into the absolute cream of skateboarding’s elite.

The Nike SB backed Aussie may take a lot of stick for his somewhat robotic approach (even famously nicknamed Zigram23 by Jenkem) but one really has to see that as nothing more than complimentary; his form is simply so good it is almost unhuman and to be able to put together some of the tricks performed in this part takes something 99.99% of us will never ever have – absolute control over his skateboard.

Get watching then get watching all over again – this is gonna take some processing…

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