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Sidewalk Mag Issue 223
Sidewalk Mag Issue 223
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Sidewalk Mag Issue 223

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

As you well know, after the best part of two decades on our nation’s newsagent’s shelves, Sidewalk Magazine ceased to be a print publication earlier this year.

That wasn’t the end of the legendary periodical though and, having successfully moved to hosting online earlier in the summer, this week sees Issue 223 (or online issue two) hitting the world wide web for your perusal.

Like last time Sidewalk are staggering the article drops over two weeks, four weeks apart, with day to day releases of content. As of this moment you can read up on the Santa Cruz x Creature tour, Luke Humphries’ First Light, Curtis Pearl and Jake Church’s Guilty By Association and check out the pics in the first of this issues ‘Witness’ segments. And we suggest you do just that! Click the cover below....

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