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Skate Mafia: Wes & Tyler’s Pack Of Hydes
Skate Mafia: Wes & Tyler’s Pack Of Hydes
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Skate Mafia: Wes & Tyler’s Pack Of Hydes

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

This near ten minute promo from the guys over at Skate Mafia, in homage to the legendary Blind release ‘Tim and Henry’s Pack of Lies’ not only features a trick or two from everyone on the team but also a brand spanking new (and fully banging) section from the massively underrated Tyler Surrey.

Why then, is the only discussion after watching this focussing around this years’ Thrasher S.O.T.Y?

Because, only a matter of weeks after putting out his ‘Crusty By Nature’ section, DC’s Wes Kremer has all but shut down this year’s entire ‘competition’ with the release of his part.

To be honest his second to last trick, performed on the infamous Clipper ledge, is amazing enough to win the award alone; it’s the trick of the year, or maybe the decade- watch it, scream at how insane yet beautiful it is then watch it again and again and again.

Wes Kremer we salute you!

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