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Theories Of Atlantis: Raw Tapes 10 Barcelona/London
Theories Of Atlantis: Raw Tapes 10 Barcelona/London
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Theories Of Atlantis: Raw Tapes 10 Barcelona/London

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  • By Route One
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Whilst the modern era sees the GX1000 crew and the likes of Dime travelling the oft' ignores backstreets of the globe to produce stellar output from crews of genuine friends, the same path was trodden in the early 00's by Josh Stewart and his associated cohorts for the 'Static' series of videos. Once again Josh is releasing raw footage from that era to tickle your taste buds and remind you that whatever is cool now, he and his buddies were doing it whilst the young whippersnappers of today where barely out of nappies.

This time focusing on London and Barcelona, we join the likes of Bobby Puleo, Ricky Oyola, Donny Barley, Paul Shier, Justin Strubing and the timeless beauty of Kenny Reed as they sample the then lesser known delights of these two European capital cities. For anybody with an interest in skateboarding in the first decade of this century this is absolutely essential viewing; much of what we do now can be traced back directly to the vision of Josh and his friends and so much of it stands up to the standards of today. Plus it's got Kenny Reed in it and who could ask for more than that?

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