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Tommy Sandoval: The Full Route One Interview
Tommy Sandoval: The Full Route One Interview
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Tommy Sandoval: The Full Route One Interview

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

When the legend that is Tyrone Olson got together with Tommy Sandoval, to film our LRG interview questions the other week, you could say things went a little pear shaped; in fact they ended up laughing so much that the whole thing was abandoned after only two questions!

Since then filmer HollaZack has been on the case and we are now finally able to submit to you our long awaited, full length T Gunz interview (with only a smattering of laughter this time!).

Carrying on from the original questioning, Zero and Fallen pro Tommy discusses the filming process for 1947, working with JT, getting on Zero and how the ‘Die Trying’ mantra is more relevant than ever.

Stay tuned for the final interview in our LRG series coming next week, unless Tyrone is involved then we’ll probably just have seven minutes of laughter for you!

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