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Youness Amrani ‘Battle Commander’
Youness Amrani ‘Battle Commander’
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Youness Amrani ‘Battle Commander’

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Holy backtails Batman! Ok, that reference is probably 50 years out of date but when a part starts with a 50ft long backside tailslide you really need to reference it when bringing the vid up in conversation!

Stupendous backwards slidings aside, this Berrics ‘Battle Commander’ from Flemish Almost and Nike SB rider Youness continues to melt the flesh off your face with every single clip through-out. The mantra of ‘All killer, no filler’ rarely exists but your man Youness has pulled it off this time; the skating is off the charts!

We often say “we could list this and that but it’s better to let the skating do the talking” and though that may sound trite it really is the case once again. When a part is this good you really don’t want the surprise ruining – we’ve taken the shock of the back tail from you so we’ll leave you the pleasure of discovering everything else for yourself!

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