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Aidan Campbell: The Route One Interview
Aidan Campbell: The Route One Interview
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Aidan Campbell: The Route One Interview

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  • By Route One
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As our celebration of the release of Etnies Album (their first full length since 1995!) draws to a close, we're now able to share with you the final in our series of exclusive interviews - our chat with the one and only Aidan Campbell!


Seemingly thrust out of the womb and onto the smooth and lacquered concrete of the infamous Sole Tech park in Lake Forrest, the Rancho Santa Margarita local (try saying that after a couple of drinks!) is one of the stand out stars of the vid, building on his amazing part in Foundation's 2017 full length 'Oddity.' Able to skate the biggest rails alongside the gnarliest of ditch terrain, he's built his career as exactly the type of ATV we love and it was great to finally get to know the man behind the tricks!

Fresh from a visit to Exeter and a chance to spend some time with Barney Page's family, Aidan was definitely a little nervous at first but we got talking and he shared with us his thoughts, his hopes and his story behind THAT ender! When you're stepping to a spot that's literally just taken out one of the biggest names of all time, you know you gotta be bringing your A game!

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