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Mason Silva 'Former'

May 2018 by Route One

When Mason Silva's 'Red Balloon' part dropped last summer it's safe to say the skate world went mental. Not unknown but certainly not revered, Mason put together the kind of section that not only makes waves but also builds careers; combined with his appearance in Thrasher's Am Scramble a short while later, there was nothing left for the top brass at Element to consider - Mason simply had to be pro!


Now the lad is back, taking his full speed assault to the fabled hills of SF, his amazing heelflip to pretty much everything and his 'balls to the wall' attitude straight into you! Seriously, this part is nuts; it's the kind of skating that makes Busenitz look slow but it isn't in anyway basic either - the lad is an absolute beast!

Released through Thrasher and in conjunction with clothing sponsor Former, our only gripe is it's far too short at only two and a half minutes! We want more Mason! However the short fall is kind of made up for with a very welcome Austyn Gillette cameo (it is his brand, after all) and three or four tricks that are all legitimate enders. Given the choice between a short Mason Silva clip or no Mason Silva clip at all we definitely know which option we prefer!

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