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Aidan’s Tape
Aidan’s Tape
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Aidan’s Tape

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Well, the nineties revival had to get there at some point and it looks like it happened, we’ve finally got round to 1997 and the point where the (until that point amazing) punk rock revival finally turned sour and the monstrosity that is Blink 182 were thrust upon an unwelcoming international audience (OK, it was their third album but most 90’s Punk kids had managed to ignore them in favour of the much more credible Rancid, Pennywise & NoFX at that point).

Anyway, we digress! On the day the F.A/Hockey release their latest audio visual treat ‘Fight/Fuck II the Movie’, this clip of Supreme kid Aidan Mackey terrorising the streets of his neighbourhood in the vein of CKY/Jump Off A Building has also hit the public domain.

Set ironically the to the previously mentioned Blink 182 track ‘Pathetic’, this really is a blast from the past in terms of filming/editing and, given the skateboarding involved is so rad, we’ll forgive the filmer for his pop punk sins as he probably isn’t old enough to realise just what a monstrosity he has heaped upon us!

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