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Rush Hour - Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez
Rush Hour - Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez
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Rush Hour - Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Released in association with Kingpin, this Kevin Parrott produced clip of Real Skateboards’ Harry Lintell and Canadian-Columbian handrail assassin Manny Lopez, tanking it around some of the capital’s lesser seen spots, is absolutely beastly!

Every city contains those perfect spots that you wish you could hit but you know you’d never get more than a go or two at most before security came running and gave you the boot. Some people however, and by that we mean Harry and Manny, are good enough to only require a couple of bites of the cherry to get their trick and this is the focus of ‘Rush Hour’.

That sense of impending doom we all get when we see the high vis jacket of the encroaching security guard is oh so prevalent in this clip; the fact that any tricks were landed at all only serves to prove just how talented the two lads are! But you knew that already…

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